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About Us

East and West Center is a pioneering Jerusalem-based organization that utilizes an academic staff and supportive administration, in order to provide modern solutions for the teaching of a variety of languages to Jerusalemites of all backgrounds. In the courses offered at our Center, participants study language according to a well-developed educational approach. For instance, the focus is on academic and media-based language. As such, these programs help our students find success in their lives.

What Makes Our Program Successful:

  • Personalized attention to each student and his or her learning style.
  • A respectful environment for each student
  • A specialized program that fits the needs of the Jerusalemite student.
  • An individual learning plan for each student that attends to his or her specific language learning needs.
  • Both individual and small group learning strategies that maximize learning for each student.
  • A complete program that meets the needs of students of a variety of students seeking basic through advanced reading, speaking, writing, and listening skills.
  • Professional instructors who are native speakers.
  • Use of the newest technological tools and devices.

The features of the Center:

  • Free individualized make-up classes.
  • Free placement test.
  • Comfortable and air-conditioned classroom learning environment.
  • Strategic location.

The Center offers:

  • Courses held for all the levels on both mornings and evenings.
  • Courses specialized for companies and organizations.
  • Special courses for school and university students.
  • Private one-on-one courses built on individual learning plans.

Our English courses:

East and West Center English courses are held in small groups, enabling personal attention and focus on the individual challenges of each student. These courses place special emphasis on developing verbal capacity and English conversational skills in a free and relaxed environment.
We at East and West Center put a special TRUST in our teachers. Here you will find teachers who are both academics and native English speakers with experience in teaching English to non-English speakers.

Our general English courses, from elementary to advanced level, are run throughout the year for adults age 18 and over.

Additionally, East and West Center offers specialized courses covering preparation for the TOEFL and the SAT.

The TOEFL course runs 4 hours per week (8 meetings overall) and focuses on, writing, speaking, and listening skills.

The SAT course prepares students for the American equivalent of the Israeli Psychometric test. The SAT is designed to test knowledge in mathematics, reading comprehension and writing skills.

*Each student is given a free test before placement to evaluate their level. This ensures that all of the students in each course will be at the same level and that every student will be placed in the level most suited to their pre-existing skills.

TOEFL courses are held in both mornings and evenings.

  • Beginner : three times a week( choice of mornings or evenings)
  • Intermediate : twice a week (choice of mornings or- evenings)
  • Advanced : twice a week ( evenings-only)

Our Arabic Courses:

East and West Languages Center teaches Arabic for non-native speakers. We aim to enhance the communication skills of our participants in Modern Standard including Arabic: listening, reading, writing, and speaking. The course educates on both Arabic language and culture.

East and West Languages Center Mission and Vision:

  • Vision: To contribute to the continuing dialogue between nations and world cultures and to foster tolerance and open interaction among them.
  • Mission: To promote the Arabic language and to provide students with the opportunity to learn about the role of Arabic in human history and the development of modern society.

East and West offers Beginner and Intermediate levels for this course. These courses are held in both mornings and evenings.

Learning Hebrew

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